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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Vatican Statement at the Comission on the Status of Women

Apparently, I'm on fire today. :)

Check out the Vatican's statment to the 51st session of the Comission on the Status of Women at the UN, with especially strong language regarding human trafficking.

Spotted as I'm out the door to this event.

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  • At 2:33 AM, Blogger Becky C. said…

    It would be nice if some feminists would realize places where there are allies in some of what want--including the Church.

    But, for the most part the core feminist movement would not consider joining together with the Catholic Church on anything. Abortion rights are the criteria for admission to the club (I, with pretty good feminist credentials was booted out of the local chapter of NOW because I do not favor abortion on demand). And then there is the problem of the ideology of patriarchal institutions.

    There needs to be a broader outreach to all women--and Third Wave is a start. There are still some Second Wave things that need to be done--I think we need an ERA--is there any movement--any political will?

    I think if standards weren't so high, and rhetoric so inflamed large numbers of women, even in the red states, could be brought into the fold on this.

    The movement, at least at an institutional and academic level, has been hijacked by ideological purists. Thankfully , there is some hope in some of the post-modern thinkers.



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