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Monday, January 15, 2007

Women in the Developing World: Quick Round-Up

Two topically related bits from two very different places, focusing on the status of women in the developing world.

First off, Kevin Clarke for US Catholic, "They Can Do It":
Poverty and the status of women are inextricably bound according to economic development experts. Too often the talents and potential contribution of women go unrealized because of insufficient or nonexistent educational opportunities, widespread inequality, sexual exploitation, and patriarchy’s sometimes vicious instinct for self-preservation. A vast, vibrant tool for poverty mitigation and community-based economic development remains ignored because of patriarchal prejudice and prerogatives. That means that any comprehensive approach to the problem of global poverty cannot be fully realized without an effort to address the status of women.

Next, Feminist Wire reports on the new WHO director and her agenda:
Margaret Chan, the newly-elected Director-General of the UN World Health Organization (WHO), recently announced an agenda for her term centered around women’s health. Dr. Chan is focused on achieving the UN Millennium Development Goals, which include the promotion of gender equality and female empowerment, as well as improving maternal health.

For more on the Millenium Development Goals, click here!


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