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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

CatholicPrecincts.org on Minnesota's Sixth District

One Jason Jones, president of a group called CatholicPrecincts.org, condemns the mainstream Catholics United for the Common Good, a group dedicated to infusing Catholic social teaching into public life, because they dared to demand that Republican congressional candidate Michele Bachmann explain her position on whether or not the Pope is the anti-christ, a teaching of her ultra-conservative denomination the Wisconcin Evangelical Lutheran Synod.

“It is sad that CUCG spends their time wanting to publicly debate theology while Bachmann’s opponent, Patty Wetterling, is staunchly in favor of the destruction of innocent human life and holds other positions that are unquestionably opposed to Catholic values. Wetterling is so strongly pro-abortion that she is one of only a few candidates nationwide that are being funded by EMILY’s List, an organization that proudly supports partial-birth abortion and taxpayer funded abortions."

I, for one, want to know what Bachmann really thinks of Catholics, especially in our heavily Catholic district. For the record, CUCG has not endorsed Bachmann's Democratic opponent, child safety advocate Patty Wetterling.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Ask Pope Benedict to Lift the Ban on Condoms!

Catholics for a Free Choice is asking for people of all faiths to sign on to a letter asking Pope Benedict to lift the Church's ban on condoms to protect against HIV/AIDS. The Condoms for Life campaign launched on World AIDS Day 2001, and has been working to change the Church's position on condoms to stem the spread of HIV/AIDS.

Why does this matter, especially to people of different faith traditions? Because a Catholic health system may be the ONLY health system in your community (as it is in mine). Throughout the US, Catholic hospitals and health services have a mixed record on providing care, resources, and referral for HIV/AIDS prevention and ongoing care. (See New York, California, DC.) It is imperative that all people have access to these services free of guilt, fear, a lecture, or a run-around.

In related news, a recent poll shows that the majority of Kenyan Catholics support the use of condoms to prevent the spread of disease.

"It is very apparent that the Catholic church's official position is at odds with most of its members, and thus needs to do a lot more work in its pursuit of its policy in this particular area, or simply tolerate their dissent," says a section of the report released by Steadman Group.

According to the study, more than three quarters of Kenyans support condom use for family planning and prevention against sexually transmitted diseases, with even stronger support for the latter.

Sign on today!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

"You are not bound to obey an unjust law."

Bishop Patricia Fresen

Here are some highlights from the July 31 ordination in Pittsburgh. Hurrah!

Friday, October 20, 2006

Day of Prayer for the Women of South Dakota

The national Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice is hoting a Virtual Vigil and National Day of Prayer for the Women and Girls of South Dakota. Click the link for prayers and resources.

Also, check out the work on the ground being done by Pastors for Moral Choices of South Dakota.